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  • Craig - A very poor upgrade from The Real ACT books

    Only three tests instead of five. The second two tests are printed on opposite pages so the test taker has to constantly flip back and forth. The text is smaller, as well. In general, very poor production values. By the way, the ACT is the last organization a test taker should consult to figure out effective strategies. Entirely too much space is taken explaining how the ACT would *like* you to take the test, not how you *should* take the test. In short, the primary value of the Real ACT has been to get actual retired tests. This book is a poor substitute for previous issues.

  • Sarah Chapman - The games all transfered over from her Leappad 2 which is nice, I didn't have to re buy anything

    I got this for my 4 yr old for her Birthday as an upgrade from the Leappad 2. It's Ok, or maybe we are just spoiled with the speed and quality of iPads and Kindles.

  • Amazon Customer - Was not better than Curcubrain

    Im a person who buys Longvida to help my problem to remember names (names, streets, foods, etc). Wanted to try this brand as an alternative to Curcubrain because it has more capsules (90 vs 50) per bottle and save some money on shipments. As anti inflamatory works similar but for memory improvements, I did not see any personal (subjective) improvement as Curcubrain does. However, it might work better for other people.

  • Jean - Makes Strong Fingernails

    I used this product on a daily basis, three capsules a day, for 6 months to help with thinning hair. My fingernails have never been stronger and my skin looks good so I believe the ingredients are working. I have seen new hairs grow in but they remain wispy and thin, but in 6 months time the new hairs have grown to about 3-4 inches long. I was hoping they would thicken up and that fill in. Unfortunately, I seem to be one of those people that fits into the category of a rare side effect of saw palmetto, which causes heavy bleeding. I had to stop taking this product because the saw palmetto in it was causing severe bleeding during my periods and prolonging them to weeks at a time.