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Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Evadman - Motor Died

    I have had this heat gun for about 2 years, and the motor just died. There was a loud rattle, then the motor would no longer spin. The gun then quickly overheated, and the motor smells like cooked electronics. I used it perhaps a total of 15 times, and just started using it again to replace the heatshrink on 18650 batteries. Besides that, I used it extremely sparingly on heatshrink wire connectors. I was unable to locate a replacement motor for it that isn't more than the gun itself.

  • vickym - all natural renewal cream for your face and neck

    love this product. all natural ingredients.this is so great. nice citrus scent. my daughter gave me the first jar and now i will continue to order this product.

  • Jane K. Kidd - Great Beauty Brand

    I can say nothing but positive things about this eye serum! It’s super light and perfectly soaks into the skin. I use the serum before applying the orogold intensive eye formula cream.

  • S. YOUNG - 2004 Ford f-150

    Just got a 2004 ford f-150 and decided to upgrade to a performance filter and synthetic oil. I want my truck to last and get good gas mileage. Anyone who has changed oil in a f150 knows it is a pain. There just is not enough room for a wrench on the filter. The K&N 2010 takes a 1" socket and you have to apply some pressure or it will slip. Just remember to hand tighten and give it no more than 3/4 an extra turn after the gasket makes contact. I only gave it a 1/2 extra and it was pretty tight!