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  • Amazon Customer - this is a NEW version of the game

    Maybe I'm a classics-freak but I didn't like the changes in this new version. 3 pawns per player versus 4, you can get out on any positive number, fire and ice rings make it a little more complicated for small children (gave to a 4 year old). I'm going to hunt down the original version for when my kids are old enough to play. Quality was good so would have given 5 stars for that but the game is so different and not what I was expecting had to mark it down.

  • Mark Twain - STOP!!! Don't waste your money. Spend the extra on Turbo tax and be done with it. Totally frustrating and useless.

    There is no way of getting the State update that you paid for. Keeps on wanting to charge me. Three days of fighting this crap and still no tax return. I figured out how to get my customer ID and PW. By first clicking on "I forgot my customer ID" and giving my Amazon email. Then I click on "I forgot my password" and provide my customer ID at which point I can reset my PW. But the web site knows nothing about my account, my orders, there are no available downloads. So I wonder how can I have an account and it has no awareness of me as a customer? The 1040 update fails half way through and directs me to the same website for manual downloads which are non existent. This company has no idea what they are doing. Stupid me for reading all of the pain that everyone was experiencing and still buying the product anyway.

  • Mike - Very nice!!

    This Mustang console cover is VERY nice. It really adds some class to the interior of my 2016 GT while providing protection to the console lid. The Mustang logo really "Pops" and gets a lot of attention. The Quality is excellent, the shipping was fast, it adds style and protection to my interior and is a bargain for the price. I highly recommend; both the seller and the product.

  • Kysha - Wonderfull product

    This product works wonders. I use it for my dry curly hair and it really defines my curls. It smells really good and lasts me about a month or less sometimes (because i have a lot of hair). The product shipping and delivery process went pretty smoothly.

  • Suebaby - Saved us about twelve grand - no foolin'!

    I thought my husband was gonna die when a full can of wood varnish exploded right next to our recently restored classic Firebird. Arrrgh - sticky, messy, stubborn splatters EVERYWHERE - all over the paint and bumper! I seriously thought the poor guy was gonna keel over on the spot at the thought of a $12,000 repaint and rechrome job. Luckily, I happened to have this wonderful, beautiful, awesome, amazing product on hand, and I don't lie a bit when I say it completely saved the day - and the car - and, by extension, my marriage. That nasty, sticky varnish wiped right off with just a few sprays, and you can't even tell that the tragedy occurred. Thank you, oh thank you, Krud Kutter!

  • Vintage Princess - Wonderful book!

    The Gaines's story was well written and interesting. I loved that they both wrote about themselves, warts and all! What honesty! They are ordinary people who have made a fascinating life from their family and it's ordinariness. Now that ain't spelled right!