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  • Amazon Customer - I absolutely love it.

    I've struggled with frizzy all over the place curls for years and this product worked wonders! I absolutely love it.

  • Colleen Moonen - A simple test to see if this book will help you.

    The theory in this book is that most people have too little stomach acid and that antacids not only do not help you but they make the problem much worse. So here is a simple test to try if you want to see if you have too little stomach acid. The next time you feel the need for an antacid mix 2 parts standard vinegar with 1 part honey. Then take two tablespoons. If you have too little acid the vinegar will help and you will feel better. If you get worse than you probably have too much acid and you can go ahead and take your antacids. I now keep a bottle of this vile mix in my fridge and I no longer take antacids. It is nasty to take but it works like a charm, every time! If you find out you have too little acid then you should buy this book immediately and read it cover to cover. They suggest using lemon juice at meal times to help replace the acid you need. Much better than taking vinegar too! There is so much good information in here that you do not want to miss it.

  • Alexis - Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    I loved that book!! I actually rushed through stuff so I could read! I spent every second I could reading this book!

  • Sooner - Best money I've spent -

    This is an excellent book. Not only have I been successful using this plan, I have given it as gifts where others have been successful, as well. In less than nine months I was able to reduce my glucose reading from prediabetic to normal and lose nearly 20 pounds. My lab readings continue to be in the normal range. It is not a diet, but an eating plan for life, which works, and on which, you arent counting calories or points. I would give it a higher rating than 5 if I could.

  • Chris B. - Garbage.

    Do not buy this. When I installed the ball feeder I realized that I didn't line it up right. When I tried to fix it it cracked into a dozen pieces. They really need to put more thought into the design of this product.

  • Shina Dave - Can you say OUCH!

    I got this game last week and the first day I got it I did the basic workout which was the total upper body work out (I think) and boy did it hurt the next day! I workout 4-5 days a week and this really got my muscles working. I set up the resolution and started my official workout on Saturday and today is Monday and I am aching all over. I heard the 2009 workout game was really crappy so I was skeptical on buying this one, I have no patience so I went and got it anyway. I am glad I did I have never seen a workout game like this. I love the Island run warm up and I hate the bicycle workout it really hurts the next day! For all of you who have the 2009 game upgrade now you won't regret it I promise.