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  • Karla Nieman - Great stroller!

    Great stroller!!! Although the one cup holder is not sufficient. It should have additional storage near the handles for cellphone, keys, etc....

  • tehkei - good

    Fit in my bag fine, but the inserts where way to loose for what I want it them for. the bag didn't hold its form all that well either so when you put in an insert the lenses would still feel like were not well in place. would be nice to have a place for some sd cards.

  • LaMo - I love my straightening brush!!! WORKS great on my fine, long, wavy, curly hair. Love love love!!

    I love this hair straightener. I've read some negative reviews but I guess they don't get it and prefer the damage of a flat iron, like a Chi and the others. My hair is fine, wavy and curly, and VERY thick and LONG. Works just fine for my hair. I LOVE this brush!!

  • Robert Cordier - Very informative. The President and the other Democrats holding ...

    Very informative. The President and the other Democrats holding Public Offices pushing their Socialist agenda as outlined by Soul Alinsky and George Soros are the reasons I'm not a Democrat anymore. God bless the United States!

  • D. Fox - This thing is JUNK

    I read all the bad reviews and ordered it anyway.. I thought maybe I could get it to work. I connected it and it started installing as soon as I turned on the TV. What it was doing is installing firmware that was older than what I already had but at the time I didn't know that. On step 2 of the configuration, it allows the selection of wireless, wired, or no network. Before putting in the EVO, my TV would connect to my wireless network as soon as I turned it on and there are about 10 other wireless networks in the area besides mine. On step 2, this thing can't find any wireless networks.