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Epilepsy | UC Neuroscience Institute | UC Health - UC's epilepsy physicians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of epileptic seizures; they have a history of researching new medical therapies. Schedule an appointment with one of our epilepsy physicians today.

  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/about-us/ About Us | UC Epilepsy Center - The Epilepsy Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute provides comprehensive evaluation of high volumes of patients who have, or are thought to have,
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/about-epilepsy/ About Epilepsy | UC Epilepsy Center - Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain characterized by recurrent electrical disturbances, or seizures. Up to 3.5 million people in the United States suffer from
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/about-epilepsy/types-of-seizures/ Seizure, Seizure Epilepsy, Seizure Cause | UC Epilepsy Center - UC's epilepsy physicians are experts in the diagnosis, treatment of, and causes of seizures. Schedule an appointment with one of our seizure physicians today.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/about-epilepsy/treatments/ Epilepsy treatments, including medication and surgery | UC Epilepsy Center - UC's epilepsy physicians are experts in the treatment of seizures using procedures that include vagus nerve stimulation and epilepsy brain surgery.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/about-epilepsy/advanced-diagnostics/ Advanced Diagnostics | UC Epilepsy Center - Our team uses a variety of diagnostic methods and tests to obtain information about seizures. We begin by taking the patient’s complete medical history and by
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/about-epilepsy/medication-resistant-epilepsy-and-sudep/ Medication-Resistant Epilepsy and SUDEP | UC Epilepsy Center - A patient has medication-resistant epilepsy when he or she continues to have seizures after trying at least three different antiepileptic medications.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/our-team/ Epileptologist, Our Team | UC Epilepsy Center - Our epileptologists are certified in the treatment of complex epilepsy conditions. Make an appointment with one of our epileptologists today.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/ For Patients | UC Epilepsy Center - The UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center is known for the compassionate service it provides to patients and their
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/acuity-adjustable-unit/ Acuity-Adjustable Unit | UC Epilepsy Center - In May 2012 the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute opened the nation's first acuity-adjustable unit for
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients-with-epilepsy/educational-conferences/ Educational Conferences | UC Epilepsy Center - Strategies for Managing Epilepsy: Ask the Experts Join us at our 2016 conference. Register here. Strategies for Managing Epilepsy Nov. 19, 2016 8:30 a.m.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/epilepsy-monitoring-unit-emu/ Epilepsy Monitoring Unit | UC Epilepsy Center - UC's epilepsy physicians are experts in the diagnosis and monitoring of seizures. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation in our epilepsy monitoring unit.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/epilepsy-surgery/ epilepsy surgery | UC Epilepsy Center - Some patients whose seizures do not respond to medication will be candidates for epilepsy surgery.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/hope-stories/ Hope Stories | UC Epilepsy Center - Rick's Story Rick’s strategy for managing his epilepsy wasn’t perfect, but it had worked well enough for most of his career as a theme park project manager who
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/locations-directions/ Locations / Directions | UC Epilepsy Center - Patients who come to the University of Cincinnati Epilepsy Center Center are treated at the following locations: Inpatient Facility The University of
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/new-onset-seizure-clininc/ New-Onset Seizure Clinic | UC Epilepsy Center - New-Onset Seizure Clinic The Epilepsy Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute offers a specialized clinic for individuals who have experienced a recent
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients/overnight-stays/ Overnight Stays | UC Epilepsy Center - The Patient Relations Department at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) provides information on overnight accommodations if you should need to
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients-with-epilepsy/stress-and-epilepsy/ Stress and Epilepsy | UC Epilepsy Center - What do we know? Many people believe that stress can trigger seizures. When we physicians at the UC Epilepsy Center surveyed our patients, more than 50 percent
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-patients-with-epilepsy/stress-and-epilepsy/reducing-stress/ Reducing Stress | UC Epilepsy Center - Surveys have shown that more than 50 percent of people with epilepsy believe that acute or chronic stress makes them more likely to have a seizure. With funding
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-physicians/ For Physicians | UC Epilepsy Center - Referrals The UC Epilepsy Center is a regional center of excellence that accepts referrals from around the United States and the world. To make a referral,
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-physicians/emergency-and-continuous-eeg/ Emergency and Continuous EEG | UC Epilepsy Center - By Michael Privitera, MD Professor of Neurology Director, Epilepsy Center, UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute UC Health University of Cincinnati Medical
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-physicians/peer-reviewed-articles/ Peer-Reviewed Articles | UC Epilepsy Center - 1989 through 1995 Privitera MD, Homan RW, Ludden TM, Peck CC, Vasko MR. Clinical utility of A Bayesian dosing program for phenytoin. Therapeutic Drug
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/for-physicians/physician-education/ Physician Education | UC Epilepsy Center - Choosing Antiepileptic Drugs: The Latest Wave (2/12/14) Michael Privitera, MD Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine, University of
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/research/ Research | UC Epilepsy Center - The Epilepsy Center has a long history of dedication to clinical and scientific research. As one of the leading international centers in drug development, drug
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/epilepsy-clinical-trials/ Epilepsy Clinical Trials | UC Epilepsy Center - For a list of ongoing clinical trials, click here and search by keyword or category.
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/research/the-smile-study/ The SMILE Study | UC Epilepsy Center - http://youtu.be/RmEMz3XM4_M More than half of people with epilepsy say that stress can cause a seizure to happen or can make a seizure worse. But doctors
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/giving-donations/ Giving & Donations | UC Epilepsy Center - Donations are an important source of funding for the Epilepsy Center at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute. They help support groundbreaking translational
  • http://ucepilepsycenter.com/schedule-now/ Schedule Now | UC Epilepsy Center - Thank you for your interest in the UC Epilepsy Center. Please use one of the following methods to contact us. General information: Phone: (866) 941-UCNI

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