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  • Daniel - Group gift for boss

    This was a group gift for my boss. Someone suggested this item and said they had seen it a jewelry store for over $80. I said, "Wait. Let's not buy anything until we check Amazon." We were delighted with the price and the ornament was beautiful and came in a very nice box.

  • the Faz - Great battery life...sound could be better

    I spend hours on the phone every day, and this will hold a charge with no problem. However, the sound quality isn't any better than the 5 year-old Motorola I replaced, and I frequently have to ask callers to repeat themselves. I'm pairing it to a Samsung Galaxy Note II and expected a little better. Ironically, streaming music to it sounds crisp, clear and loud.

  • Richard C. Brackins - Very attractive

    I found it very difficult to put on and take off. No illumination at night. It features a large easy to read dial.

  • Insert Name Here - I Passed the NCLEX with only Saunders.

    I used the 6th Edition and just received my RN license in the mail recently. I passed on my first attempt. My friend did not pass her first attempt, and recommended she try this guide. There are updates in this version. I would recommend the 7th edition because the exam has been updated since the 6th edition.

  • grabberbluestang - My 2nd Andis Trimmer

    This is my 2nd purchase, my first one lasted about one year. I am not a barber, I only use it on myself for beard trimming and shaping. I think it works well out of the box although I did have to adjust the blades they were noticeably not even. I keep it cleaned and oiled, but after 6+ months it really seems to lose its sharp cutting ability. I find that it gets clogged, needs to be taken apart to be clean and oiled quite frequently. Not a bad trimmer for the money if you don't mind taking it apart and cleaning/maintaining it. I find myself looking for something new after about 6 months, because a routine beard trim has turned into a 45 minute cleaning disassembling job.

  • Adam - Do I Really Want Another Remote?

    It's incredibly easy and inexpensive (under $10) to simply add a switch to the car that does the same thing (google "corvette npp exhaust switch" and you can find plenty of tutorials). I prefer a switch to having yet another remote because, as others have said, I prefer to leave the exhaust open almost always.

  • Kt Hatcher - Please don't waste your money

    Please don't waste your money. It Works is a TOTAL scam... These pills make you have bad diarrhea and once you get off of them, you gain the weight right back! If you're looking to lose weight, just do it a more natural way. Not to mention that these pills aren't even FDA approved. It Works screws you out of your money. The distributors are extremely annoying as well!