Pharmacist Info Hub | This blog is aimed at providing accurate and up to date information on HEALTH, MEDICATION, and anything to do with the PHARMACEUTICAL issues. Feel free to leave comments or questions! - This blog is aimed at providing accurate and up to date information on HEALTH, MEDICATION, and anything to do with the PHARMACEUTICAL issues. Feel free to leave comments or questions!

  • What does OTC mean? | Pharmacist Info Hub - OTC stands for over-the-counter. These are medicines you can buy without a prescription from your doctor. OTC are normally medications you use to relieve pain and treat symptoms of the common cold, the flu and allergies. The common OTC product are: Pain relievers Antihistamines Decongestants Cough medicines Pain Relievers The OTC products that relieve your…
  • Penyakit Chikungunya | Pharmacist Info Hub - 1.  Apa itu Penyakit Chikungunya? Chikungunya adalah sejenis penyakit bawaan nyamuk. Chikungunya pertama kali dikesan melalui ujian darah di Tanzania pada tahun 1953. Semenjak itu ia berlaku di negara-negara Afrika, Asia dan akhir-akhir ini ia berlaku di beberapa buah tempat di Negara Eropah.  Ia endemik (selalu berlaku) di kebanyakan negara Sub Sahara Afrika, India, Asia…
  • Pneumococcal Vaccine | Pharmacist Info Hub - A good friend of mine who has a 2 month old boy came up to me and told me that she had taken her boy for a pneumococcal jab. It cost her RM250 per jab and another 3 more to go – staggered. I said “that’s great!” But wait..isn’t it a very expensive jab? Why…

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  • Jeremy S. - TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

    After buying the special brushes and following the instructions to the letter, watching the recommended video first and everything, only nine months later after a Western New York winter and mild, reasonable foot traffic over the deck during that time, my wife and I are disgusted at the chipping, peeling mess (also a bit faded already in the dark brown we used) we're left with and don't want to throw good money after bad putting more of this stuff on. It looked great for a couple months and we were so happy with it, "worth the extra cost and work putting it on there" but now we regret it and have no idea what to do. Even coming off in the corners where nobody ever steps. Scrape the whole thing off and start again with regular deck stain or just try more of this and hope for the best.

  • Slowdiver - Deceiving...

    In its ads for this product, St. Ives claims that apricots are the "key ingredient" because they are "known to contain one of the highest levels of carotenoids (think vitamin A) and super-effective antioxidants." HOWEVER, if you look at the ingredients list for this product, you will see that the only mention of anything apricot-related is the very last ingredient (Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract), which means that there is only very, very little apricot anything actually contained within this product. I can't stand it when companies do this. They think they can boast their product of having the benefits of simply when, in truth, there is only a tiny, tiny percentage of that "something" in it. So while it's not necessarily false advertising, it is nonetheless deceiving.

  • Susan Gill - Pretty impressed but room for improvements by the inventors!

    The Trackr is good in theory and does what it says on the tin but the beep noise it omits when you are searching for any misplaced items (i.e. car keys) is almost inaudible...... well unless you have supersonic hearing that is!

  • L. Channels - Dystopian With a Twist

    Now this is an excellent read....I had a hard time putting it down. Not sure exactly what the background that started the story is....hoping that gets explored more in the next book...but it takes off with a bang and seems to keep a full head of steam from there. The characters are so real that I could see them in my head like I was watching a movie. Come to think of it...I would pay money to go see this at the movie theater. I hope the author hurries up with the next book....I can't quit thinking about it and need to read the next one asap!!!

  • Blake - Works for me

    I have lost about 5 lbs in a week. I pee a lot and have dramatically decreased my food intake. I always felt hungry and my normal workouts and change in eating usually helped in weight loss.