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  • ann lawrence - Life changing

    I started suffering from yeast infections while going through menopause. I started using monostat and other over the counter remedies but they only offered temporary relief . I tried natural remedies and couldn't find any thing that worked. I finally went to my gyno and they tested me for diebetes, although my A1c and glucose were elevated I didn't have diabetes, I got a prescription for the chronic yeast infection and thought finally this will be the end of my suffering, nope, about a month later back with a vengance. I was so miserable and was beginning to wonder if I would ever be "normal" again. I saw the reviews for the rephresh pills and thought why not,even though they are pricey, I had spent a button load of money on other products. I started taking them and didn't notice a diff rece even after a week, but I continued to take them and after the tenth day, I woke up and noticed a significant improvement and after two weeks, my yeast infection was gone. That was nearly three years ago and I haven't had a yeast infection. After taking them for a few months I tapered off and started using a probiotic, but I still take them at least once a week. I would be a spokes model for this pill at no charge. Quit wasting yor money and get your life back

  • Corrine - I don't recommend.

    I only purchased this because a co-worker told me it was good for weight loss. I thought there was sort of an after taste to it, and it made my stomach hurt. I usually purchase vegan protein powder, so I will stick to those!

  • MARGARET BARRY - Waste of Money!

    Game was a waste of Money. Gun never calibrated and the USB clip kept breaking. Company sent me a few extra but not an ideal setup.

  • Crystal Nutt - Love it!!!!

    I LOVE this thing. I love the non typical way you squeeze it to grind. It is so pretty and chic and modern. Would make a really awesome gift. My favorite part is that it's adjustable, so you can decide how big or small you want your pepper or spice to come out. Every fall I get in a soup making mood and I'm already there! This will be great on top of my split pea soup. (Disclaimer:I was sold this product at a discount for my honest feedback. )