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    Country:, North America, US

    City: -111.6133 Utah, United States

  • A. Simek - Useless on MAC

    The game installs fine on Mac. But when you go full screen, about two inches of gameplay runs above the viewable area in the screen. It is like the entire frame of the window is offset so you can no longer see everything you need to play a normal game. Really bad software in my opinion. Clearly not tested on a variety of Macs. I am using 2010 macbook pro 15" so it should not have been a big deal. : ) Hoyle, you win this round of keeping my money.

  • Karen SC - Used to love ACT! - Not any more.

    I have used this software for several years, and loved it. My computer was reformatted, and couldn't reinstall the older version. I purchased Sage ACT! Pro 2012, and I cannot get it installed on my Windows XP computer. The system locked up and I ended up having to unplug my computer and uninstall the program to be able to access anything. I went online to search for help, and discovered I'm not the only one having problems, and it appears that getting help from Sage is not going to be easy. I will come back and update my review if I am ever successful with the program.

  • Datindy - Not Bad, Follow the Instructions!

    Everyone needs to actually read the instructions before they apply this product. Most of the negative reviews are from people who obviously did not...I am a very serious do-it-yourselfer with lots of project experience, both with wood and paint/staining. I have a pretty large deck with 3 levels, an it has been built for about 10 years or so. I have tried many different stains, both semi-transparent and pigmented with very little of it lasting more than 2 years before it shows wear on the traffic areas.

  • Movie Fan - Suspend your disbelief and brace yourself for not so good dialogue

    It is what it is... A disaster movie with a script that seems like it was written by a high school acting class. How it plays out on the screen is great and exciting, but when the actors start talking, yuck. But the special effects extravaganza is great fun to watch. I's a disaster movie with lots of death and destruction and mayhem, etc. But that is what I pay the money for. If only the scripts for these kinds of movies would be of better quality then everyone would be happier. But it is what it is....a disaster movie.

  • Amazon Customer - Office on a card

    The product provides an activation code for the Office Home and Student 2016 software on a card the size of a standard credit card and it provides instructions on where to enter the code and download the software. No CD or DVD is provided. There are several download options available, including options to download an offline installation file, to burn a DVD image, or to have a DVD mailed. After the original install you can return to the web site to reinstall the software in the future if needed. I installed the software on a new Windows 10 computer and had no problems with the install or subsequent use of the software.

  • Dan J Koepke - More forced but still a decent read.

    Third in the series (so far) and a bit of a letdown from the previous two. This one follows the same build from the previous books but feels very forced at times. If you have invested in the first two and really liked the plot, then I would recommend finishing the story arc with this book. The next installation of the series will transition to a new evil to battle so maybe the writing will improve again with a fresh story arc to pursue.

  • krawls - 55 " Seiki TV

    I purchased a 55" Seiki TV in April 2012. TV quit working in July 2012. It won't turn on with remote nor on side of TV. I have called Warranty for over 4 months now and they say that they still haven't gotten any parts. This is a rip-off. Just $759 blown away and no TV!