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  • Benda183 - Great for starter profuct, but needs work...

    Taken into account that this is a starter product it is ok. They definitely need to iron out few issues but mine works ok. The video is pretty good, my treat tossing is not an issue, I guess partly because I knew it shoots more than one treat at the time prior to buying this.

  • Voukal - I feel very fortunate that Amazon took them back

    Absolute junk. Worked well for the first 3 days, then couldn't hold a charge. Eventually, when I would plug them in, nothing would happen - no lights, no charging. Would simply not power on. Also, when using Bluetooth wireless for phone calls, would sound ok to me, the party on the other line would say that the line was totally static. I feel very fortunate that Amazon took them back. This is some sort of cheap Chinese knockoff. KSCAT? Do... not... buy....

  • Consumer reporter - Don't wate your time or money if you want to use TRACFONE.

    I bought this since it was NEW and UNLOCKED. I also bought the TRACFONE SIM card KIT that was advertised along with it. After three attempts with two rude people from Tracfone, I finally got someone onn the telephone to activate this phone. It seems this BLU phone is incompatible with TRACFONE. All you can use it for is to make or receive calls or text messages. After doing exactly as the rep said in setting all the items (which made me wonder does everybody have to go through this when activating a cell phone), I learned you cannot use the internet nor access any web sites. I was asked to type in a web site so naturally I typed in and nothing happened. So I gave up my original Tracfone and its number for this. I also ordered two phone cases (since the color I wanted would not show up in the cart) and a tempered glass cover. But what I have is a pretty picture phone that does nothing different than my first Tracfone. Apparently BLU phones are not compatible with TRACFONE. I am glad I found that out as I was ready to order the BLU HD R1 phone which is an upgraded model.

  • Budgie Mom - Awesome product

    We purchased this product for our 2010 dual mode exhaust corvette husband installed it (no problem) and we were "roaring" down the highway in no time! Brings out the "kid" in us!!!!! It's nice because if you want the normal 'mild' sounding corvette, one click of the remote ..... done! Awesome product, well worth the price.

  • Charlie E. Dillin - Tax Guide

    Provided necessary information for the 2012 tax filing season. Not as easy to work with s RIA or CCH, but passable.