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City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • dairygod - doesn't even open

    It just says unfortunately program has stopped. Can't even review it because I couldn't even open it on my samsung s3

  • Amazon Customer - Jut a normal cream

    It does not work. It has a great smell but I am disappointed, I rather try what it is suggested in some youtube videos: peroxide 30% and magnesium bicarbonate or lemon and baking soda...

  • Bruce - But it did handle multiple participants nicely and allowed the host to display pages for review ...

    I thought this would run as an app on my Kindle Fire, but it's incompatible with the OS. I used the web version on my PC for a multi-person meeting, and it was as OK as Skype--which is to say that it froze, had sound problems, etc. But it did handle multiple participants nicely and allowed the host to display pages for review by the participants when he wished.

  • Amazon Customer - Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. Keurug must think we're idiots.

    Keurig,you should be ASHAMED, This will be the quickest re-pack and return ever, This machine is a total waste of money and I will not be a party to lining Keurig's greedy pockets by keeping it. Normally, "2.0" implies a step forward, not so with the money-hungry folks at Keurig. Not only do they refuse to let you use non-Keurig brand K-Cups, or the cups where you supply your own coffee, they have the audacity to tout this as a "Feature!!".

  • STACEY A. GILL - The Galaxy Prevails II

    This is the best replacement phone I have purchased. I love all of the features this phone has and the color is great. It is a little smaller than my previous phone but I still love it. The battery lasts a good while and my other phone was always going dead. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone. I believe Samsung makes good quality products.

  • Jordi Argomaniz - Ray-Ban Glasses are the best!

    This are not shoes. This are eyeglasses. The review is asking if the shoes are comfortablet, etc... Overall, excellent product. I would buy it again.

  • Amazon Customer - Real deal

    I am the type that tans all the time. I want something that is a great skin moisturizer and that smells good, not like I just left the perfume counter at Macy’s or a candy store. After smelling and then using it, I am so impressed I threw out every other bottle of lotion I had. Really, I did! This makes my skin well-conditioned and smells good it has a faint scent of coffee. The real deal is that it helps my skin tan better because it has more real moisture from real natural ingredients and keeps the tan I have even if I don't go to the tanning bed for a week to ten days. Yes that long! I would definitely recommend this lotion to anyone whether they tan or not!