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  • Paul G - Hasn't been effective for me, doubts over scientific validity of formulation

    I really like this cream... as a moisturizer. It has a very pleasant consistency and scent - clearly a lot of work has been put into the formulation. With that said, it does not appear to work on scarring to any degree that is noticeable enough after 14 days of continuous, regular use. I've tried to be as scientific as I can with the testing as is possible when your cohort size = 1, designating scars from different causes (trauma, insect bites etc) as under test and including another as a control to which no cream would be applied. Unfortunately, I can't really say there's any clear sign of improvement and so the efficacy of this cream is suspect.

  • Shea - Crack the DAT

    I've mostly worked through the perceptual ability portion. The software worked great and it gives a detailed overview covering the different portions of the test.

  • Brit - Overall, an excellent source for review, but may need to supplement with other practice.

    Although this is an excellent study tool, I find the math section a little lacking. It feels as though it was rushed in the quantitative reasoning at the end and some of the explanations are not quite as thorough as they should be.

  • EmmaSueND - Excellent, but...

    Rick Steves' really writes the best travel books and this is clearly one of his most comprehensive. If you are planning to visit every corner of Italy, I guarantee he's got you covered. And if you're making a whirlwind trip thru the major cities, he has some amazing recommendations. My only gripe is that, despite being very detailed in some ways (do I really need to know hotel options in every little town??), you're better off reading his Pocket Guides (for Rome, Venice, and Florence) if you are making the latter kind of trip. I wound up buying all three of those in order to have access to the City Walks, which I wish were a part of this book. Then, because I had already read thru those books, a lot of the info in this one was redundant. Just seems like the content could be better balanced/more weighted towards the most visited locations.