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  • Jessica Lewis - We were introduced to each character and Jaymin really set the ground for an amazing series - as I had hoped

    I really appreciate that this book didn't jump right into sex as so many paranormal romances do nowadays. We were introduced to each character and Jaymin really set the ground for an amazing series - as I had hoped. As soon as I finished this book, I immediately purchased the next two and didn't regret it at all.

  • DataDoll - Lousy suction and overpriced

    I was so excited about this vacuum after seeing the fancy commercials. I read the negative reviews but decided that since I have only two carpeted rooms (others are hardwood and tile) the short battery life wouldn't matter. To my disappointment, the vacuum didn't even clean the two rooms of Berber carpet and the area rugs. It spits fibers right back out and yes, after repeated roll overs trying to pick up what was spit back out, the battery goes dead. What a rip-off, I'm taking it back to Best Buy today for a full refund. Maybe I bought a lemon and I'm tempted to buy another one because it's lightweight and I like the design. I don't know yet, but this one is going back.

  • free bird - Perfect Pillow!

    This pillow is amazing! It is a heavy pillow. Its very comfy and forms around your head and neck. It gives you a perfect support. This is my first memory foam pillow and i can tell you that i am hooked for sure. If your debating weather or not to spend the money or if its worth it i can tell you right now that it is. When you first get in, it comes rolled in a little bag and is pretty flat, but dont worry it fluffs up mine took about 3 hours and was mailed when it was cold and it takes longer if its cold. This is a must buy for sure! Love it!!! I did get this item at a discounted price for my unbiased review.

  • Gilbert J. Corcoran - These Buds stayed on my head and were way more comfortable than the over the ear headphones I previously used

    I bought the Senso Active Buds to use with my new Iphone 7 during workouts. I used the Senso Buds during my intense workout at the gym yesterday. These Buds stayed on my head and were way more comfortable than the over the ear headphones I previously used. I was pleased with several advantages over my over the ear headphones; I could keep my phone in my gym bag while working out and reception was great, even as i traveled as far as thirty to thirty five feet from my phone. I could change volume, answer calls, and change songs without ever having to touch my phone. I am extremely pleased. I am writing this review because I am very happy with my purchase, not because I got any type of benefit from doing so!

  • Pittsburgh Bill - Very Eye Opening About Obama

    Very eye opening on why Obama is the way he is. His mother, not his father, had a very leftist view of the world. She asked his grandfather to get him a mentor in Hawaii and it was Frank Marshal Davis - a member of the American Communist Party. His view is one of ant-colonialism which explains everything from giving back the bust of Churchill to his stopping offshore drilling to what is happening in the middle east - even Benghazi. This man is anything but American.

  • Paige RN - Great product!

    I have been an iced tea drinker for years. This product, in only four days being worn once a day as directed, has made a SIGNIFICANT difference in my teeth. I can't wait to see the final result. Additionally, these have significant staying power...no slipping and sliding like past white strip products. I have experienced sensitivity with previously used whitening products but so far only minor sensitivity experienced (not problematic). I would purchase again without hesitation!!