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Vancouver Car Accident Lawyers | Klein Lawyers - Injured in a car accident? Klein Lawyers can help get you the ICBC settlement you deserve. Call Klein today for a free consultation. 604-874-7171.

  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/ Klein Lawyers Vancouver & Toronto Class Action Lawyers - For over 20 years, the law firm of Klein Lawyers has been helping car accident victims and class-action clients across Canada.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/ Our Lawyers In Vancouver and Toronto | Klein Lawyers - If you have been injured in a car accident, call the lawyers of Klein Lawyers today at 604-874-7171 for a free consultation.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/contact-us/ Contact Klein Lawyers | Vancouver, Canada - If you have been injured in a car accident, contact Klein Lawyers today for free advice about your ICBC claim at 604-874-7171.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/david-klein/ Vancouver Class Action Lawyer David Klein - David Klein is one of Canada’s top class action lawyers. David is a member of the British Columbia, Ontario and Washington State bars. Contact David Klein.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/angela-bespflug/ Vancouver Class Action Lawyer Angela Bespflug - Angela Bespflug is a lawyer in Klein Lyon’s Class Action practice where she acts for plaintiffs in a variety of cases.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/matthew-cleary/ Vancouver Motor Vehicle Lawyer Matthew Cleary - "Matthew Cleary manages motor vehicle plaintiff cases and has experience in conducting trials, mediations and judicial settlement conferences."
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/almira-esmail/ Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer Almira Esmail - Almira Esmail is Klein Lawyers’ Vancouver personal injury lawyer. She acts for plaintiffs who have been injured in car accidents and slip & fall accidents.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/nicola-hartigan/ Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer Nicola Hartigan - Nicola Hartigan is part of Klein Lawyers' Class Action Lawsuit practice group. She completed her law degree in 2004 at the University of British Columbia.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/doug-lennox/ Class Action Lawyer Doug Lennox | Klein Lawyers - Doug Lennox is a senior class action Lawyer at Klein Lawyers acting for plaintiffs in class actions involving defective products, hospital negligence and ...
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/michelle-ma/ Vancouver Lawyer Michelle Ma | Klein Lawyers - Michelle Ma graduated from Simon Fraser University in 1983 with B.A. and in 1989 from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Law Degree.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/gary-smith/ Vancouver Lawyer Gary Smith | Klein lyons - Gary Smith graduated from the University of Toronto Law School with a Bachelor of Law in 1980 and from Osgoode Hall Law School with a Masters of Law in 1999.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/anita-vergis/ Vancouver Class Action Lawyer Anita Vergis - Anita Vergis is a strong anchor in the Class Action practice group at Klein Lawyers where she acts for plaintiffs in the Zimmer Durom Hip Implant litigation.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/karalyn-moore/ Karalyn Moore - Klein Lawyers - Karalyn Moore is a Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer at Klein Lawyers. She graduated in 2009 from the University of Victoria with a LL.B.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/jamie-sarophim/ Jaime Sarophim - Klein Lawyers - Jaime Sarophim is a lawyer at Klein Lawyers who has much experience managing personal injury claims like motor vehicle accident cases.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/una-urosevic/ Vancouver Class Action Lawyer Una Urosevic - Una Urosevic is a lawyer in Klein Lyon’s Class Action practice where she acts for plaintiffs in a variety of cases.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/kieron-grady/ Kieron Grady, Vancouver Motor Vehicle Lawyer - Kieron manages motor vehicle plaintiff cases and has extensive experience in conducting trials, mediations and judicial settlement conferences.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/lawyers/margery-pazdor/ Margery Pazdor - Klein Lawyers - Margery Pazdor is a lawyer in Klein Lawyers’ Class Action practice, where she acts for plaintiffs in the Woodlands class action.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/about-us/staff/ Lawyers & Staff Directory | Vancouver and Toronto - View Our Lawyers & Staff Directory for more information. Contact us today for a free consultation at 604-874-7171.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/ Vancouver Car Accident ICBC Lawyers | Klein Lawyers - Have car accident injuries? Do you have questions about how to file a car accident claim with ICBC? Call us to speak to a car accident lawyer. Free consult.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/do-i-have-a-claim/ Do I Have an ICBC Claim? | Klein Lawyers - Have a ICBC claim? You're entitled to compensation from ICBC if you were injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. Call today. Free consults.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/do-i-need-a-lawyer/ Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer? | Klein Lawyers - ICBC car accident settlements are often higher for cases represented by a lawyer. You need a car accident lawyer to represent you. Call Klein Lawyers today.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/guide-to-icbc/ Guide to icbc claims and settlements | Klein Lawyers - Our Vancouver car accident ICBC lawyers list your guide to ICBC Settlements. Have questions? Call Klein Lawyers today for a free consultation.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/checklist/ What to do after a car accident in Vancouver - The Vancouver car accident lawyers of Klein Lawyers review the complete checklist to follow after a car accident.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/injury-guide/ Car Accident Injury Guide ICBC Injury Lawyer Vancouver - Car accident injury guide by Klein Lawyers. Injured in a car accident? Let an ICBC Injury lawyer at Klein Lawyers help you. Call for a free consultation.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/types/ Common Causes of Car Accidents | Klein Lawyers - Our Vancouver car accident lawyer discusses the most common causes of car accidents in the Vancouver metro area.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/bike-accidents/ Vancouver Bike Accident ICBC Lawyers | Klein Lawyers - Injured in a bicycle crash? Call the personal injury lawyers at Klein Lawyers for help with your ICBC claim. Free Consultation. 604-874-7171.
  • http://www.callkleinlawyers.com/car-accidents/motorcycle-accident/ Vancouver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer | Klein Lawyers - Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident? Learn how the motorcycle accident lawyers at Klein Lawyers can help you get the care and compensation you need

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