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  • Cubanlover - it keeps rolling up....

    I tried many differnt ways to have it stay put and no chance. Waste of my money. I purchased it ot Bed bath and beyond and now bringing it back....

  • Teri - A Gift From God

    This oil does what it's said that it does! The healing process begins immediately. It is powerful healing medicine! I had to adjust my dosage to a larger dose rather than the teaspoon doses that are suggested.. (In viewing Youtube users of this product, many also adjusted their dosages to their personal needs).

  • Jacqui Campbell - Comfortable and Convenient

    What a convenient way to allow you to paint your nails somewhere other than on a flat surface. The double-ringed holder creates a sturdy base for any average sized bottle of nail polish. It did not slip around on my finger, yet was easy to remove and transfer to the other hand even with wet nails. It is comfortable to wear and does not get in the way during painting of the hand you have it on. I like to paint my nails in the living room, on the couch, which is not always a good idea. Sometimes I forget I am balancing a nail polish bottle between my thumb and pointer finger, but with this holder it made it so much easier. I had no spills! I got the spa green color and it is true to the picture shown when ordering.

  • Poingdexter - Poor Quality

    Poor Quality, handle fell pulled off first use. Use plumbing cement to fix. Weeks later would not pull vacuum. Used oil to swell seal. 12 months later not working at all. When is worked, it was great. Looking for better quality product.

  • GWTardy - I yield to the best so far!

    So much software hasn't lived up to its billing over the years that I have become the ultimate Anti-Virus (AV) cynic, and scrooge to boot! I absolutely suffered some chest pain while buying this $20+ product (they'll all a bunch of liars you know, . . . or so I thought). Moreover, I was really mad that it took two full days for the WebRoot Secure Anywhere AntiVirus to run on my six hard drives (can't be redundant enough). Boy, was I mad!

  • S. Martinez - This worked!

    There is a strain of fleas that has become resistant to topical flea applications (Frontline etc.) I applied EVOLV on both cat and dog and after a thorough vacuuming of the house and washing of pet bedding followed by EVOLV spraying we eliminated an emerging flea problem. Amazingly, both cat and dog appeared to not mind the Cedar odor, which is fragrant to humans. This is expensive, but safer and cheaper than a flea bomb.