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  • J. Tucker - Offers Some Wow Factor Features

    Painter was nice in the past. Painter 2015 is awesome. I'm a casual user. To newcomers, the interface has a bit of a learning curve, but the program delivers. For a talented artist, this software can open up a LOT of possibilities.

  • jen toci - I tried this product and spent the day in the ...

    I tried this product and spent the day in the ER in incredible pain. I had a severe reaction to it with my eyelids actually hemorrhaging. The whites of my eyes swelled up with blood and mucous and I still have blood in the whites of my eyes two weeks later. The doctors put me on steroid eye drops and said if I hadn't come in to be treated I might have lost my eyesight in a day or two. I had slight puffiness the morning after the first day I used it and thought I didn't get enough sleep. The next time I used it all hell broke loose. Please be very careful about this stuff.

  • Amanda J Sauer - TacTrap is dangerous for birds

    Within less than one hour of installing our new Skeetervac the only thing we had caught was a poor songbird! After spending hours trying to free the bird we ended up finding a wildlife rehabilitator who said this type of incident is very common and deadly for birds. The TacTrap is optional - if you have any birds in your area please don't use it! I wanted to let others know about our experience so that it won't happen again.

  • Cherniske's analysis of DHEA is persuasive. - Cherniske's analysis of DHEA is persuasive.

    After reading "The DHEA Breakthrough" by Stephen Cherniske, I bought some DHEA and since my age is 57, I now take 50 mg daily and have been for about 10 months. I can't respond to all of the claims Mr. Cherniske makes, but as to improved energy, strength and increased vitality, the results are there---in spades!

  • Mom from WI - Great chair

    This is a great alternative for my daughter who hates her high hair. This makes her feel 'part of the action' while I am cooking dinner or working in the kitchen. Hooks on to most tables and counters and is super simple to take down, fold up and take with for dinners out or travel. Washes well and even has a pocket in the back for small toys. Would highly recommend.

  • Luyzah - Fast shipping! I started to take this 3 weeks ...

    Fast shipping! I started to take this 3 weeks ago. I feel a little difference in my vision. The floaters are still there I might have take it longer or increase the dosage. I know that herbs do not work fast. It can take months before we see any improvement.