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  • Robin H. - FAIL

    If you decide to do something so basic as re-assign expense accounts to multiple transactions at once, YOU ARE SCREWED. For whatever reason, you're simply not allowed, unless you purchase the Accountant version. I imported a year's worth of Paypay Transactions, and because this data comes with a single expense account pre-assigned to the entries, I have no choice but to edit thousands of entries one at a time. Keep in mind that Paypal is only one way you will run into this issue. The need to reassign expense accounts en masse is a pretty basic part of organizing your finances.

  • Michael P. - Tastes good so that wasn't an issue at all

    I guess it cleans you out, however I followed the directions perfectly and it did not accomplish the goal of passing a drug test for minor marijuana use.

  • Don Incognito - don't start with this if you're new to the entire field of coding

    I do not recommend this book for those who know nothing of coding and are just starting to learn. The book explains the upcoming new medical coding system ICD-10 without explaining ICD-9. It obviously assumes the reader already has a certain level of knowledge.

  • Rebecca - STRENGTH

    Noticed more strength in my legs within a few days of using. Recommended by my doctor. Try, do not think you will be disappointed, however after 3 months had to cut down dosage. started getting dizzy, my legs do miss the regular dosage of 3 at nite, but the site does talk about side effects. always do your research so that you are comfortable in what your taking. now take one every other nite for the last 2 weeks. just be careful. depends on your system and your body.

  • Isaac Chaves A - Amazing, 100% recommended

    Amazing, everything worked fine and had no issues with the hardware at all, kinect works 90% of the time, its amazing the way it recognizes you when loggin, use codes have never been easier it took like 20 seconds to do it, xbox tv works fine in Costa Rica, it has amazing graphics and the UI is great, fast and responsive, xbox live offered me a great service like always has, party chat voice is much better and cleaner, skype its awesome, snapping between games and apps was easy and worked great.. 100% recommended. Also worth noting how quiet and cool the xbox one runs...

  • Angela - It is ok

    I bought this for my son and myself. Because we caught cold . But I didn't really see much improvement. I am sure it worked little bit.