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  • Hippie435 - AMAZING PRODUCT

    I have religiously used another product for YEARS and no more...this Olay product is amazing...does not matter how long or short the hair on my upper lip or my chin is, it removes it all. Left it on for 9 minutes and all hair was gone...totally. No stragglers left to pluck out afterwards...no touch up needed with the tweezers. I will order more and never be without it. Some hairs were coarse but the majority were fine to medium and this product took care of all. I cannot praise it enough and highly recommend it...and no skin irritation and my skin is very sensitive!

  • Professor Frink - Interesting selection of short anecdotes

    This book has a collection of some very interesting facts and anecdotes. The writer has a good easy style, researches the material well and presents it in an easily digestible form (think bathroom reading here). Overall its enjoyable and will no doubt be useful at the odd dinner party.

  • MavericksHMB - On the fence

    I own every season and have watched each season and every episode at least 3 times. And, I have to say that I'm really on the fence here. As someone else said, the opening episode of this season might have crossed my personal boundaries. This episode was most definitely the most difficult of any to watch. (Semi-Spoiler Alert!!) I've loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan in other roles and agree with others that he plays Negan brilliantly. A little too brilliantly for my taste. It appears the series is tracking closer to the graphic novels again and while I knew Negan was the demise of Glenn a season ago, I still wasn't expecting it.

  • Darling - Better results than the Pest Control Co

    My mother had been using a pest control co, I will not state the name, for a couple of years and the problem seemed only to get worst. We informed the company and they would change up the formula stating it was no longer effective on the roaches. The roach problem had gotten really bad. The company was coming out once a month with no positive results so she cancelled the contract. I purchased the Combat Source Kill Max Gel, which is somewhat of a paste, and put it around the baseboards in every room and under the counter tops in the kitchen and bathrooms. I also put it around the ceiling in the kitchen and behind the stove and refrigerator. I also put it around pipes under the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. In a matter of days the roaches had gotten fewer. I was totally blown away. Within two weeks' time the roaches were gone. This Combat had done in two weeks what the pest control company was unable to do in two years!!! The roaches are starting to come back after a year and that is why I am ordering some. I purchased the first ones from Target but I did not see any the other day, therefore, I am ordering some from Amazon and it is cheaper than target!!