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  • Kinter12 - Good book, Bad CD

    The book is pretty good in providing tricks and tips, especially for the verbal portion. Vocab, stems, and math concepts are found in a terse appendix in the back; if you're looking for review material, this isn't your book, and I found it was best coupled with a math review and vocab cards. The short practice sections within the book do give you a feel for some of the content.

  • bonnie d-Roch NY - It's OK but not as good as the create a card program which had better ...

    It's OK but not as good as the create a card program which had better clip art -- more options available under each subject and a lot easier to make changes on the project your working on.

  • karenmitzie - Little known facts about our country

    This book is very informative in regard to little known facts about our country's history up to the present. It is an excellent read for anyone seeking to know the truth behind many of the problems and issues in our country.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    My husband has cellulitis on his leg. It's caused him to have swelling and tightness, a very uncomfortable condition. Emu aide helped with the inflammation and provided great moisturizing relief for him. It's a product I recommend.

  • solabiker - Nothing like the OEM mudguards!

    I purchased these mudguards for my wife's 2013 Toyota RAV4. Got them faster than expected. Ordered from Amazon retailer Daytona Toyota since they had free shipping and were closer to where I live. Shortly after Amazon notified me my item was shipped, Kurt Menschel from Daytona Toyota e-mailed me the installation instructions and let me know if I had any questions or problems to let him know. Great service. Didn't take all that long to put them on and they look great on the vehicle!

  • Thanatos8877 - I want to like this more than I do

    I want to like this more than I do. It was a good price, but I have difficulty getting it to register when I have put the phone down on it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It often takes multiple attempts to get the phone placed just right. I find that if I remove the USB plug from the unit and reinsert it, my phone will start charging first time, every time. It's a bit wonky, but it's easier than returning it and finding another one.

  • Sandra Doane - Well organized text. The examples were clear and the ...

    Well organized text. The examples were clear and the directions on how to proceed well written. I received a code with the text, but I had a hard time getting the on-line information to work with the text. For whatever reason, the on-line code wanted me to enroll with a class - however, I was using the text to self-teach. I did not have an instructor-led class. Again, the on-line code did not provide any real help, but the text really does walk you through the steps for Office 2013.