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Welcome to YCLIN - Yclin is a clinical Laboratory established near Hyderabad AP, to provide Pathological / Clinical laboratory testing, information Technology

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  • L. Baker - So adorable! Best friends romance and a holiday book in ...

    So adorable! Best friends romance and a holiday book in disguise. It gave me ALL THE FEELS. A+ Romance with realistic vlogger culture and SHIPPING galore!

  • Christopher Grasso - Must Read to Understand These Critical Times!!!!

    If the current times have you concerned and questioning what is going on, this book will give you answers. It is then handbook and guide of our past present and future.

  • lisa mclean - It really works!

    This stuff really works! I couldn't believe how quick I started seeing results. I've only been using it for about a month and my hair has thickened up alot! Before, I couldn't wear my hair in a ponytail without my scalp showing and now you can't see my scalp at all when I pull my hair back! I'm sold! My hairdresser recommended it and It's a great product.

  • Femme de Loi - Excellent read! I found myself interacting with this book ...

    Excellent read! I found myself interacting with this book as if Luvvie was speaking directly in front of me. I nodded my head in agreement, laughed out loud at her pop references, smiled when she discussed her childhood and became solemn when she discussed Black Lives Matter movement and rape culture. Every topic is conveyed with quick wit and lovable judgment, traits about Luvvie that I have loved since I first started reading her blog.

  • C. Stone - Chills it right every time

    Works as advertised. If you have many bottle make sure you have lots of ice. Is a little messy on start up, but it gets the wine to the right temp every time. Take anywhere from 3 to 6 minutes depending on the temp you want.

  • Stimpy - design flaw

    Well like everyone else says, this product is ok for temperature but leaves a lot to be desired for reading humidity. This being said, with a few mods it works fine as a hygrometer. I added a few more holes with a drill approx 1/8" and now it actually reads humidity quite well. I added a total of 13 holes around the unit, 5 on each side and 3 on the bottom. Now it adjusts the humidity reading every 15-20 seconds and levels out in about 10 minutes and actually reads the right humidity when compared to my dial hygrometer. So this tells me that there is a design flaw with the amount of air flow allowed by the factory vents, thus not allowing the unit to process the volume of air needed to make accurate readings.

  • Amazon Customer - Is there anything less than One Star

    I installed this on two computers. It caused problems on both. I tried to contact PC Matic for assiatance, I could not make contact with anyone for assistance. I use an online service for scheduling and tracking of my company records; There tech support could not help me. I had to wipe clean the computers and start over, Luckly I had a good back up system with tech support. I would highly recommend anyone thinking about using this product stay away from it. The product causes problems, there is not tech support and the company does not respond to customer complaints and concerns.