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  • kristin - Thinking about drinking this amazing product!

    I bought this product to help with my itchy scalp that was not controlled by anything else and I LOVE IT!!

  • Pa from PA - Research Proven

    I've been using this stuff for about a year now and hardly ever get sick. There a ton of research published that shows this stuff can improve your immune system, increase skin circulation, result in less visits to a doctor, etc. And at my age, I need all the help I can get!

  • Todd Gerhardt - Still Stay away!

    Upate:I have added 1 star as I was finally able to sync to the cloud and it is faster updating the cloud. With that said, this release should really be a maintenance release than a new product release. Other than the scanning receipt feature, there are really no changes of significance. I guess Intuit feels a need to release every year. If you are using Quicken to manage money, you should do that by saving the $70 for 2014 release and use it elsewhere.

  • Reba Frankhouser - Happy and Healthy!!!!!!!

    I have been taking Juice Plus a little over a year and I am absolutely! Positively! Happy that it is part of mine and my families daily lives! I had weight loss surgery over a year ago and I began taking juice plus before my surgery. I have had no side effects from the surgery like a lot of others who went through it with me. My skin looks amazing, my bloodwork is top notch and to my amazement my gums improved ALOT over the past year!! I soooo happy and would recommend it to anyone!!! My husband has also been taking them for a little under a year and his allergies have subsided and he has been more energetic and to top it all off we eat a ton more fruits and veggies now...our body craves them!! It is not something that works overnight. My suggestion is give the 4 month supply a try. But there are affects you do not see outwardly...blood, gums etc. I am a very happy customer!!!!!!

  • mechant loup - quality may be questionable? but maybe that's just because im hesitant over online purchases.

    I question the quality here, because i didnt see the same consistency as store bought, but i really cant compare, as i didnt have a side by side. this is cheaper, though, than CVS. you can use on your entire head! derm said.