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  • Saint305XL - Excel Bible for Beginners to Advanced Users

    I finally got this book and I am indubitably impressed. This book has so far refreshed everything that I have already learned and then taken me to new levels of Excel mastery. The book builds on key functions and charts, graphs, from previous versions along with Microsoft 2010. I love it and I will certainly buy another from this author and this particular series. I'm very happy and I am looking forward to delving deeper into the book. The table of contents alone is pretty impressive to me, highly recommended for any user of Excel looking to advance, from beginner to advanced, you will be surprised by what you didn't know and will learn with this comprehensive book.

  • Rich - Surprised to see all of the mixed reviews!

    I purchased the original magicjack about 5 or 6 years ago. It worked fine 90% of the time but eliminating my $35 - $40/month phone bill was worth it. I recently upgraded to magicjack plus which has worked flawlessly 100% of the time and now I don't have to keep my computer on to use it. I love this thing and my girlfriend says I should be their spokesperson because I'm always touting it. It's too bad many others have not had such a good experience but it has worked great for me.

  • Mr. Bubba - Very Good Internet Security - Highly Recommended

    I have been a satisfied user of Karspersky Internet Security on three PCs for many years. It has never failed to get the job done. Over the years, Kaspersky has needed less and less user customization and input to achieve the desired level of protection. The latest release seems to use even less resources than prior versions of Kaspersky. I recommend it.

  • E. Johnson - Helped with dry mough diagnosis

    My dentist advised me I had dry mouth which can contribute to cabities. I switched from Listerine to this and it helped with the dry mouth problem. Part of the problem was too much use of antihistamines which I also cut back on.