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  • W. Lightfoot - Electric Stimulation...Novel Idea For Pain Relief

    Came across this product a few months ago and decided to give it a try. Seemed interesting and now I can honestly say that electric stimulation for pain relief is a novel idea that actually has some merit. This has worked for my feet, legs, arms, and even my back (but to a lesser extent. It also works quite well, with most pain issues being resolved nearly instantly. I would strongly recommend this.

  • Amazon Customer - Must have!

    This is my first purchase of this kind of brush and I am hooked! It makes my foundation go on so smooth & even. The brush is super soft so it it very gentle on the skin. The handle has a flex to it which makes it great for applying in the harder to reach places like under the neck & eyes. I would definitely recommend this brush. Plus the seller was super responsive & grateful for my purchase which was nice to see.

  • Francis Murray - I Like this product.

    Lassers Income Tax Guide is a helpful book about Tax rules, changes in the tax rules, sample forms, and a summary of changes that have occurred . It is good for a person who likes to sit and read instead of sitting in front of a computer and scrolling up and down pages. One can highlight sections and information which is of interest to his own tax situation. You can also find topics that you never knew applied to yourself. Computers are nice, but print can never be replaced. Lasser fills that need and is a really good reference book.

  • Edmond D. Quesada - Great little player

    I like this player. Its simple to use, compact and seems pretty sturdy. It does take a little time to learn. Use the pause/play button to power up.

  • happymer - Love this diffuser!

    The Soothing Lotus diffuser is compact so it doesn't take up a lot space. This diffuser looks great, too. It's easy to use and even includes the added effect of changing colors. It is quiet and I find this to be relaxing especially in the evening. The company shipped it quickly and provides support with an ebook on essential oils and ways to use your diffuser. I love having aromatherapy in my home!

  • Double D - Yes, the product works. Read my review to educate yourself.

    The product works but you have to have patience. I have not followed the directions so I give this review with a disclaimer: following my treatment process may cause harm to your skin with possible burns and scars. You follow my treatment process at your own risk. My treatment process may not work for everyone. This is basically the same disclaimer that comes with the package but it bears repeating since I admit to not following the directions but I am receiving good results.

  • Rosalee Pringle - Burned liked the worst Sunburn

    I usually know better than to buy a product without research and reviews but I bought with blind faith. Not only did I waste my money, but these products actually burned my face so badly that I looked as if I had just had a chemical peel. It has now been over a week and I still have a bit of pain and the worst dryness. I purchased this skin treatment to prevent wrinkles, only to end up getting more.